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Privacy Policy of BLU Email

Effective date: August 2022

BLU Email is an application provided for sending and receiving emails by Tinno USA Inc ("We" or "Tinno"). Your personal data and privacy are important to us. We provide appropriate security measures to protect your personal data and privacy in accordance with legal requirements and mature security standards.

How We Collect and Use Personal Data

We provide the following function through BLU Email, and in order to meet user requirements, we process user temporary data, which is collected when users use the function.

  • Sending and Receiving Emails

The function of sending and receiving emails, and displaying full contents of emails is available after users authorize to login to Gmail accounts. When users authorize to log in to Gmail accounts, BLU Email reads the title, body, and attachments in the email in the user account in order to display them in the application. BLU Email will not save user data because these data is run, stored, and processed only on the users' devices.

To ensure that users receive new emails on time, BLU Email automatically and regularly initiates the process of receiving emails without actually opening the application.

Invoke Device Permission

When BLU Email is used, it will invoke the following permission on device:

  • Read Device Storage Permission

BLU Email accesses and reads the device storage when sending and receiving emails. When choosing attachments to emails, users can access to the various files stored in the device memory, such as music, photo, video, file, and etc., which are displayed in a pop-up window. The files selected by users will be sent to the designated receivers, and will not be saved separately.

  • Contact Permission

BLU Email accesses and reads the contact information when uploading the contact as the attachment. This permission is invoked only by users when selecting “Contacts” in the menu of “Choose Attachment” and further selecting a specific contact person in a redirect page.

Protection of Minors

Protecting minors' personal data is one of Tinno’s top priorities. We provide services to protect minors strictly in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. If you are a minor, your parents or guardians are required to consent or give authorization to use the BLU Email and to agree to the terms of service of using BLU Email. Moreover, parents or guardians should take appropriate precautions to protect minors’ data including, but not limited to monitoring their use of BLU Email.


BLU Email uses and transfers to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Access Privacy Policy

Your personal data and privacy are important to us. Tinno provides you with two options to access to Privacy policy to learn about your rights to personal data.

  • Option 1: on the logging page of Gmail account, go to "Privacy Policy" to learn more.

  • Option 2: enter in the browser to view "Privacy Policy of BLU Email".


If you have any further requests, questions, comments, or suggestions regarding your rights and choices to personal data, you may contact us via

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