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Plano, TX

Wireless System Test Engineer needed in our Plano, TX office to identify and troubleshoot software issues, and provide logs using tools like QXDM, MediaTek ELT, Wireshark, and ADB; work closely with R&D team to come up with comprehensive test strategies to evaluate the fixes with a patch or in a new software version via JIRA system; perform F4L, AGPS, GCF, DFIT tests to evaluate RF signal coverage, Audio Quality, Call Performance, Data Speed, and create reports to U.S. carriers; configure lab testing environment using equipment CMW500, Nomad and Datum, and conduct RF protocol test and analyze RRC/SIP/SUPL Messages according to 3GPP protocols.


Position requires Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and minimum 2 years of testing experience in the Wireless Communication industry to include the following: RF performance testing on Android devices with Qualcomm and MTK chipset; Hands-on experience with different testing equipment: Nomad, Datum, CMW500, Power Monitor; Network issues debugging experience with different wireless communication systems such as GSM/UMTS/LTE, 5G mmWave; deep understanding of TCP/IP(v4, v6), VoLTE E911 network architecture, wireless protocols, and regulatory requirements and certification process for U.S. carriers.


Send resumes to HR, Attn: Anna Sun, Tinno USA Inc, 2301 W Plano Pkwy, Suite 102, Plano, TX 75075, or email to

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